Aviva export agency

Aviva is a separate export company, adjacent to the Admiral brand. Aviva will provide customers with products from multiple brands e.g. Gaffa, Eller rigging equipment and other items to come. Aviva is a so-called sales agency.

Aviva is willing to offer you the opportunity to come on board.

For you, as our Admiral distributor, it means that you can add an Aviva order to your Admiral shipment, saving transport costs and time.

Orders can be placed with Ellen via sales@avivadistribution.com.
As she will be dealing with your Admiral orders as well, she can combine multiple orders to one shipment.
Discounts on the Aviva brands will differ. For each brand different discounts may be applicable.
In the near future, Aviva will have its own webshop with customer login, on which you can place your orders.


Please note that when placing an order with Aviva, you will receive an order confirmation, invoice etc. via Aviva NOT Admiral.

Admiral is, as a brand, not part of Aviva and will stay a seperate brand owned by Rolight.
Aviva, as an agency, is a seperate business from Rolight with a seperate administration.


Please see our organization chart below for clarification


Organization chart

<h1>Organization chart</h1>