At Admiral Staging, we spend a lot of time thinking about rigging. How to make it easier. How to make it safer. And how to make it easy and safe, even in a permanent installation. Meet our range of Cable Guide products!

Entertainment technology is everywhere! Retail spaces, cinema’s and amusement parks, as well as concert venues and theaters, now use extensive light and sound systems to enhance their customers’ experience. Along with this development, the use of aluminium truss systems as both a decorative and functional application has spread from its customary role in temporary event productions, into a wide range of commercial applications.

Permanent installation of truss systems requires an elegant solution to manage the cables of suspended light and sound equipment, especially if the truss must regularly be lowered or raised. With the Admiral range of Cable Guide products, cables of all types and sizes can be neatly and securely fastened to a truss system, allowing it to travel up and down without the risk of knots, loops and snags.

Our Cable Guide products are used in a wide range of concert stages and theatrical venues. They allow power, signal and network cables to fold away along the Guide, making for a clean-looking suspension system. Damage to cables from getting entangled or dangling over edges is a thing of the past. And imagine the time you can save, by not having to go up a ladder or a work lift to coil up cable looms on top of the truss, or having to pull it up onto a catwalk.

Cable Guides do not need to be rigidly anchored, so they allow for the lateral movement of swinging truss without risk of damage to the structure or the cables.


Whatever rigging structure you need to install; if it needs to be flexible, versatile, and secure, as well as just plain good-looking, the Admiral Cable guide system is your best bet!


Basic Cable Guide

Admiral Cable Guides are made of high-quality steel, making them both durable and light-weight. Our Basic Cable Guide is available in several lengths and configurations to best suit your application. It’s made from 2mm steel, with a discrete black finish.


• Wide gutter for maximum cable space
• Rigid design
• Heights up to 24 mtr!









Snake Cable Guide

In addition, our most advanced Cable Guide, the Snake, manages to be both lighter and even more versatile. It is available in stainless steel, as well as with a sturdy black finish. Its innovative interlocking hinges assure that all cables are bent gently around a minimum diameter, making it especially well-suited to fiber-optic cables that are quickly becoming the default for data transfer.


• Flexible hinge for routing thick cables
• For single tube and truss
• Less horizontal movement while hoisting