Origami that makes you smile on stage



Step 1. Place it the same way as shown in picture 1.

Step 2 & 3. Fold the long sides upwards

Step 4. Fold the small sides downwards


What is it for?

Do you recognize this situation? You are working hard to disassemble a stage and place the stage decks on the Stage deck transporter. But where are you going to leave all the bolts and nuts? You can put them in your pockets, but chance is you will forget about them or you will lose them.

Therefore we constructed this origami masterpiece. If you fold it correctly, you can use it as a tray and place it in the Stage deck transporter! This way you can easily store bolts and nuts while using the Stage deck transporter.


You can of course use these to send to your customers if they need one. We do have more available, however availability is limited. Do you need more? Let us know! Please e-mail your request to sales@admiralstaging.com.