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Ramp slope aluminium 50cm wide


slope for ramp

Ramp Support
The Admiral Ramp Support is a flexible support for building a sloped ramp attached to a fixed stage. Depending on the height of the stage, there is an option to construct the ramp out of two or three pieces of StageDex. The amount of sequentially connected StageDex and the height of the stage determine the slope of the ramp. The Admiral Ramp Support is suitable for stages with a height varying from 40cm up to 140 cm, increasing by 20 cm. Ramp Supports are designed to always use standard StageDex legs. There are three types of Ramp Support available providing many different combinations to be built. To build a ramp with the Admiral Ramp Support a hook on profile is necessary. With the Ramp Support, the first deck is hooked on the stage.

Supports for 2 or 3 Dex

Depending the length of your desired ramp you can choose a ramp support for two or three dex. See our user manual in the download section to make your choice. 


Note: Admiral Ramp Supports are intended to build a ramp for transporting cases and/or other lightweight objects. 


Build your perfect ramp with these compact ramp attachments. The compact size and light weight makes the attachments very manageable. In addition, they hook themselves onto the stage decks for optimal safety. The parts are provided with anti-slip rubber feet and can be linked, if desired, with two M10 screws.

€ 122.23

Technical Specifications

  • dimensions:
    • length: 45cm
    • width: 50cm
    • height: 9cm
  • material: 3mm aluminum
  • weight: 2.95 kg