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Snake bending hinge

Snake bending hinge

The part that make this cable guide a Snake are the unique, innovative  bending hinges which create  the “Snake effect”. These hinges make use of an interlocking mechanism that limits the movement of your truss to a bare minimal while hoisting it up or down. make made up out of several segments, making it possible to route thicker cables through the cable guide. For connecting a bending hinge on each end to a length part you will need 4 aluminium rivets, 4 metal rings and 4 short brass bearings. All these items are separate parts on the Snake item list.

Snake parts

Product: RIKGSN11 EAN: 8720094426648
Price per item
€ 42.59
Box quantity: 15



Dimensions and weight

  • Weight: 0.6 kg



Material: steel

  • Colour: silver


Quantities and packaging

  • Minimum order quantity: 15
  • Box specifications:
    • dimensions: 40x 34x 10 cm
    • weight: 9.24 kg