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Snake 1 meter length part

Snake 1 meter length part

The Snake 1 meter length part has a 68 mm wide gutter which gives you plenty of room to route a lot of cables through. With the Interlinking one-meter parts, almost any type of base can be configured. Pre-drilled holes in the length parts make it easy to assemble the single tube or truss sets.

Sometimes the pre-drilled holes in the black length parts get clotted during the coating process. Use our special Reamer to remove any excess paint from these holes. You can find this handy tool here.

Snake parts

Product: RIKGSN13 EAN: 8720094426686
Price per item
€ 25.22
Box quantity: 8



Dimensions and weight

  • Weight: 1.72 kg



  • Material: zinc plated metal
  • Colour: silver


Quantities and packaging

  • Minimum order quantity: 8
  • Box specifications:
    • dimensions: 103x 24x 24 cm
    • weight: 13.96 kg