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Slide type 2.0 complete set black


Slide type 2.0 complete set black

Slide type 2.0

Our Qwiqr is quicker, but we won’t say goodbye to the Slide just yet!
Still in stock: the Slide

The slide is designed as a shortcut to connect hooks and suspension brackets to luminaires. The slides “pull button” is now silver-colored. This specific color allows you to see which of the two buttons is the trigger and which is the knob. This added convenience makes working with the slide even easier. Of course you can still move the hook with the sliding part on the luminaire with a simple movement. Click and finish. A good time – and space saver.

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Price per item
€ 20.50
Box quantity: 50

Technical Specifications

  • dimensions:
    • length: 5 cm
    • width: 6 cm
    • height: 3 cm
  • For bold M10
  • colour: black
  • weight: 0.2 kg
  • SWL: 100 kg