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Snake couple set for length parts

Snake couple set for length parts

The couple set is used to connect the 1 meter length parts. One set exists out of 2 metal plates (placed on the outsides of the length part), 2 metal blockage plates  (placed on the insides of the length part) and 4 long brass bearings.
This set is only used to connect the straight length parts of your Snake and is NOT used for connecting a length part to the bending hinge!


The aluminium rivet and metal ring that you need to attach the Snake couple set to a length part are separate items on the Snake item list. 


Snake parts

Price per item
€ 28.48



Dimensions and weight

  • Weight: 0.04 kg



  • Material: metal plates/ brass bearings
  • Colour: silver / brass


Quantities and packaging

  • Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Box specifications:
    • dimensions: 15x 8x 13 cm
    • weight: 1.15 kg


consists out of:

  • 2 metal plates
  • 2 blockage plates
  • 4 long brass bearing