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Cable guide SNAKE base 2 mtr - height 7 mtr

Snake Cable Guide

The latest development in the field of cable guides is the Snake. The Snake provides enough space for your power and signal cables to sit comfortably. Pivoting hinges ensure the cables can be gently bent while maintaining a minimum diameter. With the Interlinking one-meter parts, almost any type of base can be configured.

Because of the innovative bending hinges that make full use of an interlocking mechanism, back and forth movement of the truss while hoisting it up or down is almost a thing of the past. With its bronze bearings, the Snake's well built design ensures many years of high performance use.

The Snake can be mounted onto single tubes, a ladder truss or a triangle truss 30.


SNAKE cable guide

€ 636.17

Technical Specifications

  • dimensions:
    • base: 2 meter
    • width length profile: 70mm
    • working height: 7 meter
  • material:
    • length profile: 1.5 mm zinc plated metal
    • top and bottom foundation: 3mm zinc plated metal
    • connection parts: 1 and 2mm stainless steel
  • can be mounted on:
    • flybar
    • ladder truss
    • triangular truss
  • weight: 
    • 16.3kg (net)
    • 17.9kg (gross) 
  • also available in black


Ⓓ Design registered in the EU

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