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Freedom profile coupler set

including assembly set

Freedom Rigging System

The name of this product tells you all you need to know. Admiral Staging has developed a modular rigging system that offers you as much constructional freedom as possible. This innovative system can be used suspended or standing and there are so many length and width variations of the suspension structure it would be difficult to calculate them all! Multiple tubes can be slide into each other in order to vary the height, while the width can be determined by various lengths of suspension tubes. With Admiral's Freedom Rigging System, you can rig just about any kind of luminaire imaginable including fixtures and yokespots.


When you need to connect two length tubes to get your desired length, you have to use this easy connecting set.

Spare parts

Product: RIPFZK10 EAN: 8720094422619
Price per item
€ 29.51



will be delivered with adjustment screws and bolts


Dimensions and weight

  • Weight: 0.68 kg



  • Material: 2mm stainless steel
  • Colour: silver


Technical specifications:

  • WLL: 200 kg


Quantities and packaging

  • Minimum order quantity: 1
  • Box specifications:
    • Dimensions: 18x 10x 5 cm
    • Weight: 0.78 kg

Freedom profile 50 cm black

Freedom profile 50 cm black
€ 22.21 excl VAT

Freedom profile 100 cm black

Freedom profile 100 cm black
€ 32.31 excl VAT

Freedom profile 150 cm black

Freedom profile 150 cm black
€ 43.47 excl VAT

Freedom profile 200 cm black

Freedom profile 200 cm black
€ 53.24 excl VAT