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Hook fastener 25m x 20mm adhesive black

Hoop and Loop fastener
Velcro allows you to attach fabric and other material to each other. Stage cloths are a perfect example of this. The fastener consists of two parts, a loop and a hook. The Admiral Velcro rolls are 6 meter in length, so 6 meters of Velcro can be fastened onto a stagedex of 1 by 2 meter. 

The self-adhesive variant can be used on any smooth surface such as aluminium or lacquered wood. 
The non-adhesive version can be sewed onto all kinds of textiles. Staples make it possible to use the non–adhesive Velcro on wood or other hard materials.


Hook fasteners

Price per item
€ 24.12



adhesive hook side


Dimensions and weight

  • width: 2 cm
  • height: 25 meter
  • weight: 0.336 kg



  • material: velcro
  • colour: black