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Meatrack for large fixtures 2x castor/ 2x castor with brake


Meatrack for large fixtures 2x castor/ 2x castor with brake

Modular Transport

Admiral’s popular transport range has been greatly expanded. In addition to the existing fork-side panels, which are used in our meatracks, we added three new side panels. With these side panels, it is possible to build almost any kind of cart, for example a meat rack, a cable rack, a drapes car or a tool case. Check out the new side panels and accessories. You’ll be surprised by the endless possibilities these products provide. The various, "length profiles" available allow you to construct a rack of any desired size. At this time, there are four standard length profiles.

In addition to the 200cm fork-side panel, a 100cm panel is now available. This lower height can be useful for transporting a small light set in a work van. Two completely new side panels, which we call the slim-line panels, are also available in 100cm and 200cm.

A new center bracket makes it possible to assemble a tube in the middle of the rack. This is useful for transporting large 5kW fixtures or for working with our cable tray.

It’s also possible to add extra wheels to the 250cm fork-side panel transporters. An extra tube is assembled underneath the car for attatching the wheels.


Slim-line panel transporter

To build a cable, drapes or tool case transporter, it's best to use this slim-line panel transporter. This one is available in two different heights, four different lengths and also wheels with or without brakes.


This cart is wider than all the other Admiral transport carts. The width of this cart is 80 cm in order to accommodate luminaires with a diameter up to 40 cm. For that reason 2 and 5Kw luminaires can be transported with ease. 

€ 744.50

Technical Specifications

  • dimensions:
    • length: 80 cm
    • width: 80 cm
    • height: 203 cm
  • 2x 100 mm castor
  • 2x 100 mm castor with brake
  • will be delivered assembled