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Stage deck dolly basic 1 meter assembled with 4x castor with brake

Stage deck dolly

This cost effective dolly is ideal for transporting up to six stage decks. The decks can be ergonomically tilted to prevent excess pressure on your back.


The locking bolt is the first safety measure for the decks and a lashing set ensures further safety during the transport.


Stagedex Dolly  1 meter

This transport wagon is ideal for transporting 6 stagedex. The dolly uses a total area of 59x 105 cm in a truck. This size allows you to place four wagons, side by side, in a truck. The dex slide into the recesses on the wagon easily and a bevel at the bottom of the car prevents the deck falling against the back. Each deck can be secured with a bolt on the side of the wagon. We recommend, for transport, to secure all dex with a belt. It is also possible to mount more wheels under the wagon. Navigating slope of a ramp, or turning on a tail lift has never been easier with this innovative product.


Stage deck dolly assembled

€ 498.05

technical specifications

  • dimensions:
    • length: 105cm
    • width: 59cm
  • weight: 46kg
  • 4x 125mm castor with brake
  • will be delivered assembled