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Teckel lenght tube 22mm length 3 meter


Teckel lenght tube 22mm length 3 meter

Teckel Bracket

The Admiral Teckel is a metal beam that accomodates both casters and metal tubing. On the Admiral Teckel, you can mount both castors and two pipes. The Teckel slides over the pipe lengths and as soon as the wheels are mounted, the Teckel clamps itself. This system allows you to determine the length of the transport trolley.

Multiple rows of Teckels on the truss trolley enable you to use the trolley in every possible situation and offers a maximum level of functionality. The applied rubber prevents the truss from sliding once it has been placed on the Teckel.

The Admiral Teckel 30 can be used for 2 rows of 30 truss. There is also a Teckel available for 40 truss. 

€ 17.78

technical specifications

  • (standard) galvanized tube: 22mm 
  • lenght: 3 m
  • weight: 1.747 kg