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Teckel 40 bracket with 2x castor with brake


The Admiral Teckel 40 is a smart system for making a truss transporter. With our Teckel you can decide how long the transporter will be and how many wheels you want to mount. The result is a very inexpensive transporter that's exactly the length you want.


Ideal Transportation Size

When you mount two or more Teckels to a longitudinal tube, you have a transporter with a width of 59 cm. Four of these can be placed next to each other in a truck. When a truss is stacked on the transporter, there will be nothing protruding.


The Trick of the Teckel

An Admiral Teckel is a bracket with castors that can be mounted to a standard longitudinal tube. By connecting two Teckels to a tube you make your own truss transporter. Extra Teckels can be placed along the length of the tubes making transportation over ramps much easier. The rubber strip applied to the Teckel helps to avoid movement of the truss.

Teckel truss transporter

Product: WATECE75 EAN: 8720094425719
Price per item
€ 49.10

Technical Specifications

  • suitable for truss 40
  • length: 79 cm
  • material: galvanized steel
  • weight: 4.37 kg
  • 2x 100 mm castor with brake
  • will be delivered unassembled
  • mounting kit for self-assembly included
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