cable cart

Organizing your cables for transport or storage is easy with the Admiral cable cart. 
Using slim-line panels from our modular transport system, you can design a cable cart with a length of 80 cm, 160 cm or 210 cm. Sturdy aluminum cable forks are placed over support profiles to create hanging space for your cables. 


Step 1 Choose Side Panel

Choose the desired height depending on the amount of cables you need to store in your cable cart. The cable cart is available in a height of 110 cm or 203 cm, using our slim-line panels with centre brackets. 

These centre brackets are mounted in the slim-line panel and allow you to hang cables on each side of the hanging tubes, providing you with as much hanging space as possible. 

Our slim-line panels are equipped with orange handles for your convenience while moving around your cable cart. 

Step 2 Choose Length profiles

Length profiles are available in sets of 4 profiles with a length of 80 cm, 160 cm and 210 cm. Together with the slim-line panels these create the frame for your cable cart.

While choosing the length profiles, you need to take the total weight of your cart into consideration. If you want to store a lot of heavy duty cables, we recommend creating a compact frame.


Now that you've created the frame for your cable cart, it's time to choose which type of castors you want to mount under your cart.
We recommend using our 100 mm  or 125 mm swivel castors.
Our quality blue castors do not leave any marks on soft surfaces such as gym floors or dance halls. 

  • 100 mm castor has a load capacity of 160 kg
  • 125 mm castor has a load capacity of 220 kg

Our castor range includes several castor sets, with four castors with or without brake.  

STEP 4 SUPPORT profiles

The cable support profile is the tube on which you hang the cable forks and is mounted on the side panels' centre bracket. This aluminum tube is available in similar lengths to the length profiles: 80 cm, 160 cm and 210 cm.

During this process we advise you to double check whether you have chosen the length profiles in the same size as the support profiles.
Every support profile comes with a forkset to mount the tubes inside the cable cart.


Our black aluminum cable forks are the parts on which you hang your cables. They have a length of 55 cm and create enough hanging space on each side for you to organize  your cables neatly in your cart.
Choose the amount of cable forks depending on the type and number of cables you want to store in your cable cart.
Each cable fork comes with a screwset to mount the forks on the cable support profiles.