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Stage skirting comparison:

Deco molton vs Velcro-stage polyester

Admiral offers two types of stage skirting, Velcro-stage polyester and Deco molton
Velcro-stage polyester is a versatile, self-attaching polyester fabric that can be velcroed directly onto stage decks and can be reused again and again
Deco Molton is a cost-effective cotton fabric that can be taped on the stage quickly and neatly

What is stage skirting?

Stage skirting is a simple and cost-effective solution for putting the finishing touch on a portable or permanent stage, riser or platform and giving it a clean, finished look. By using stage skirting to dress up your stage, any understructure that might be distracting is hidden, keeping your audience's attention on the performance.

Types of stage skirting

Admiral Staging offers two different types of stage skirting, Velcro-stage polyester and Deco Molton, which are available in various widths and colours.
Our Velcro-stage polyester is a versatile, self-attaching polyester fabric that you can simply velcro to the stage decks.  The Velcro-stage polyester comes in black and it is suitable for the following stage heights: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm.

The Admiral Deco Molton is a cost-effective cotton fabric that can be taped on the stage. The Deco Molton is available in two colours, white and black, and comes into multiple widths: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 73cm, 80cm and 100cm.

Differences between the fabrics

Our Velcro-stage polyester is a higher quality fabric made entirely out of polyester and weighing 180 g/m2. The fabric of this skirting is smooth and lightly shiny on the front side, while its back is entirely made out of the loop part of velcro. 

The Deco Molton is an inexpensive skirting made out of 100% cotton and weighing 160 g/m2. Both sides of this skirting are smooth and have a slight shine to them.

How does each type attach to the stage?

Thanks to the velcro fleece that covers the entire back of the Velcro-stage polyester, this skirting can simply be velcroed to any decks or platform that have hook tape attached to it.

The Deco Molton can be quickly attached to any stage by taping the fabric onto the platforms. The Admiral Deco Molton rolls are always supplied with three rolls of double sided tape.

Maintenance and reusability

The Velcro-stage polyester is easy to maintain thanks to its knitted fabric, which allows it to be cut to a desired size without the risk of fraying. The skirting can be reused several times without losing its quality, making it a more sustainable option.

On the other hand, Deco Molton has a limited lifespan, as it can only be used once before showing signs of wear.

Roll your Deco Molton with minimal effort using Jack the Gripper!
Jack the Gripper can be quickly attached to the Deco Molton by pushing the tool in the cardboard tube and lifting it so it clamps itself to the roll. As soon as it is securely attached to the roll, you can easily unwind your deco Molton along the stage.

Stage skirting for layher constructions

  • Thanks to their versatility and efficiency, layher scaffolding systems are often used to build podiums, stages and other event structures

Using layher to build event structures

For concerts, festivals and other events, temporary structures such as stages, stands, towers and other decor setups must be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled. To be able to guarantee such a quick setup, layher scaffolding systems are often used to set up these structures.
Layher is not only lightweight, simple to transport and reusable, but it allows users to build constructions in all sizes and configurations, from small podiums all the way to large-scale concert stages. Due to its versatility, efficiency and stability, layher staging systems have become the standard in the entertainment industry.

Finishing up the stage with skirting

After a layher stage or tower is set up, the structure is generally covered with skirting so it doesn't become a distraction during the performance.