drop arms

You might have seen them before, but never this clever!
The Admiral Drop Arms are extendable to any length and they can also be combined with hanging tubes. Just imagine all the lighting effects you can create! 

basic drop arm

The basic Freedom Drop Arm allows you to hang a single moving head or static fixture on a variable height from 57.2 up to 87.2 cm.  Assembling this version can be quickly done by using the provided set of stainless steel drop arms, sliding the top part into the bottom part to the desired height and securing them with bolts.

Once it is assembled, you can connect the Drop Arm to either a clamp or a coupler and secure your load by using the safety eyes.

extend the drop arm

Would you like to extend the length of your Drop Arm even futher than what the basic version allows?

This can be easily done by connecting the length profiles to each other with the help of our profile coupler set.

This profile coupler set is provided with all the bolts and nuts neccessary for assembly. Choose the type of nuts you want to use, wing - or self locking nuts, depending on what connection you want to make, temporary or permanent.  

When assembling the extended version, always make sure you start with the Freedom Drop Arm set, which includes the drop arm bottom side and the drop arm top side.

more freedom options