Our Stagedeck dolly is designed as an ergonomical space saver.
Not only does this clever dolly fit a total of 6 stagedecks, but it also allows you to slide them into place, thus preventing excess pressure on your back while loading it.
With a width of 59 cm, you can place four dollies side-by-side in a truck.

Our Stagedeck dolly is available in a version for 1 x 1 meter and one for 1 x 2 meter stagedecks. With each version you have the option to order the dolly assembled or unassembled.

For 1x1 and 1x2 meter decks

The Stagedeck dolly is available in two versions, one for 1 x 1 meter stagedecks and another one for 2 x 1 meter stagedecks.

Transports up to 6 decks

Both the 1 x 1 m decks transporter and the 1 x 2 m decks transporter can be loaded with a maximum of six stagedecks.

Ergonomic design

The decks can be ergonomically tilted to prevent excess pressure on your back.

Two safety measures

The locking bolt is the first safety measure for the decks and a lashing set ensures further safety during transport.