storage cart

Store and carry filter frames, cables and tools in this sturdy storage cart.
The plastic containers slide easily on a bracket and are securely held in place when inserted into the cart.
Our modular transport system allows you to build a transport cart in two different heights, 110 cm or 203 cm. There are several sets of crates available to create a transport cart with organizing skills!


STEP 1 CHOOSE a height

To build the frame of your storage cart you combine Slim-line panels with our length profiles. Our slime-line panels are available in two heights, 110 cm or 203 cm.  The panels built-in orange handles are very convenient when giving  your Storage cart direction.

There are two frame sets available, both including a lid  to prevent dust and dirt falling in the top crate of your storage cart.

Step 2 Choose the castors

Our blue castors fit perfectly under our storage carts as they don't leave any marks on soft surfaces. We recommend using our 100 mm or 125 mm swivel castors depending on how much weight you are planning to store in your storage cart.
  • 100 mm castor has a load capacity  of 160 kg
  • 125 mm castor has a load capacity of 220 kg
We have created several castor sets, each set including four castors with and without brake.  

Step 3 Choose storage crate sets

To complete your storage cart we have a wide selection of sturdy storage crates available. With a fixed size of 60 cm (length) x 40 cm (width) and different height sizes, you can be as flexible as you want when customizing your Storage cart. 

Every crate comes with drawer profiles  which can be mounted to the slim-line panel with two M6 bolts.

To calculate how many crates you can fit in the designed storage cart, we have developed a Unit chart. 1 Unit will take up 5 cm in your storage cart.
In a storage cart with a height of 110 cm you can fit a total of 16 units.
In the 203 cm storage cart you are able to fit 35 units.
Below you can see our selection of crates, each with an indication of how many units they will take up in the storage cart's frame. Simply add crates until you have reached the maximum amount of units that fit your frame.

2 units

60 x 40 x 7.5 cm

3 units

60 x 40 x 12 cm

4 units

60 x 40 x 17 cm

5 units

60 x 40 x 22 cm

6 units

60 x 40 x 27 cm

7 units

60 x 40 x 32 cm