The use of aluminium truss systems as both a decorative and functional application has spread from its customary role in temporary event productions, into a wide range of commercial installations. 

Truss accessories are very popular in our rigging range. At Admiral Staging you can find truss accessories for lifting and mounting your truss as well as baseplates to support your truss construction. Our baseplates have pre-drilled holes in patterns for 30 and 40 truss making them very easy and quick to use when building your truss structure. There are Lifting - and Mouting brackets available for 30 truss available for both temporary or permanent installations.


Admiral metal baseplates give you more flexibility when rigging a truss. Building high tables and truss ports is all possible with these solid baseplates. The baseplates are equipped with both symmetrical and asymmetrical hole patterns. These holes make the baseplates universal in use for 30 and 40 truss, square and triangle. The asymmetrical pattern, for 30 truss, is perfect for setting up TV-screens along a wall. The symmetrical pattern, for both 30 and 40 truss, can be used for tables, truss bridges or moving head bases. The 6 mm thick metal plate is an excellent base for free-standing objects and is available zinc plated or black powercoated. The Admiral baseplate adds 25 kg of weight to the base of each truss construction. Let's get ready to rig!

30 truss

These pre-drilled hole patterns allow you to use square and triangle 30 truss both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

40 truss

The baseplates pre-drilled pattern for 40 truss is suitable for square and triangle truss in a symmertrical position.

Countersunk holes 

Countersunk holes for the attachment of M12 conical couplers. Special ring for M10 couplers available.

Easy to handle 

16 cm wide handles, for easy and ergonomic handling of the 25 kilo baseplates.

Truss carrier

Strong, solid and anti-slip, that's what these Admiral Staging Truss carriers are all about. An aluminum inner tube makes the carrier rigid and strong. Rubber studs are moulded around this rigid tube which help the truss stack together easily and with improved stability. The Truss carriers are lightweight, they damp sound and make stacking truss easy.

Our Truss carriers for 30 truss can be used for both square and triangle truss.
There is also a 40 truss version of these carriers for square truss available.

Dimensions 30 truss carrier

Dimensions 40 truss carrier

For square 30 and 40 truss

For triangle 30 truss

Use our truss carriers together with our truss dollies

Once your trusses are safely stacked using the truss carriers, our Strong Family is here to help you transport them securely and effortlessly!

Equipped with rubber studs, our dollies ensure an optimal friction and positioning of your truss and they may also be equipped with hooks to secure the load.

Ideal for both 30 and 40 truss, the Strong Boy is the perfect solution for transporting straight trusses and it can be used together with its smaller version, the Strong Boy mini, to easily ride the loaded dolly up a ramp. Additionally, our Strong Girl is suitable for transporting circular trusses with a square cross-section and a diameter up to 10m and more.

Mounting bracket 

Fixed installation
With this bracket you can hang a truss 30 (square or triangle) on the ceiling. The bracket is attached with wire clamps to the truss girders. An extra hole in the middle of the bracket provides access to assemble a threaded rod.


Admiral's lifting brackets are available for 30 trusses and they have a maximum lifting weight of 500 kg. They come in two different varations, one intended for temporary installations and the other intended for permanent ones. 

For truss 30

WLL 500kg

For temporary installations

For fixed installations