modular rigging

The name sums it all up!
Admiral Staging has developed a modular rigging system that has so many hanging options, you will run out of ideas before you run out of options.
The system can be used suspended or standing and it boasts so many length and width combinations, it's difficult to calculate!

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"Be creative with our Freedom system"

The length and width variations of the suspension structure vary. Multiple tubes can be slid into each other in order to change the height, while the width can be determined by various lengths of suspension tubes. You can rig any kind of luminaire, from pars and spots to moving heads.

Single rigger

With our Single riggers you can create a spectacular wall of light for your show. The Single rigger is a simple solution that creates a wonderful effect using length profiles from our Freedom system. Our length profiles have a WLL of 200 kg. 

Down rigger

Want to get even more creative?
Combine length profiles with hanging tubes and create one or even multiple down riggers to design the desired setup. Like the Single riggers, each length profile can be extended in length, but with a down rigger set you can even create a drop of 6 meter!
Our Freedom hangers have a WLL of 75 kg. 

drop arm

You might have seen them before, but never this clever! The Admiral Drop Arms are extendable to any length and they can also be combined with hanging tubes. Just imagine all the lighting effects you can create!

Floor rack

Add two feet to your Down rigger and you have created a lighting tower using our Freedom system. You simply turn a Down rigger upside down, slide it into our aluminum base and your floor rack is born. You can use it as a sidelight tower, moving head tower or floor stand.
You would never have thought so many applications could fit into one rack set!

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