Balletfloor cart

Store or transport your ballet - or stagefloor with our Balletfloor cart!
The Balletfloor transporter consists of several parts from our modular transport system.
Two 110 cm fork-side panels can be combined with length profiles to design a cart with a length of 180 cm, 210 cm or 230 cm.  

BUILD A balletfloor cart STEP BY STEP

Step 1 choose the length of your cart

Choose the desired length of the cart, based on the width of your stagefloor. Length profiles are available in 180 cm, 210 cm and 230 cm.

Floor width max. 150 cm: choose the 180 cm length profiles
Floor width max. 190 cm, choose the 210 cm length profiles
Floor width max. 200 cm, choose the 230 cm length profiles

Together with two fork-side panels, with a height of 110 cm, these length profiles will create the frame for your Balletfloor cart.
Six sturdy plastic tubes are placed in the base of this cart. These tubes can be rotated with a foldable handle. After use, this handle folds between the side panel.

The thickness of your ballet - or stagefloor determines how many  meters of floor you can roll on each tube:
  • material thickness 1.6 mm: max. 30 meter floor
  • material thickness 2 mm: max. 25 meter floor

Step 2 Choose castors

Now that you've created the frame for your balletfloor cart, it's time to choose which type of castors you would prefer to mount under the cart. 

Our blue Admiral castors do not leave any marks on soft surfaces such as gym floors or dance halls. We advise you to use 160 mm castors, with a load capacity of 300 kg each, to bear the weight of a fully loaded balletfloor cart.  

You can choose between three castor sets, including castors with and without brake. We strongly recommend including at least 2 castors with brake when choosing the desired castor set.