sidelight tower

The Admiral Sidelight towers can be equipped with moving heads, theatre luminaires and other lighting fixtures. The position of the ladder can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on the type of fixtures you want to use.


The telescopic ladder can be pushed upwards and a self-winding pull-strap helps you hoist the ladder before you insert the locking pin to secure it. There is a 40 cm gap for a fixture to hang permanently on the bottom tube of the tower.


The symmertrical Sidelight tower can be a real time saver. Smaller fixtures such as Led Par spotlights, small movingheads, blinders or strobes can be hung on the symmetrically positioned ladder, allowing you to use the Sidelight tower for transport as well.


Larger moving heads and profile spots fit the Sidelight tower when the ladder is positioned asymmetrical. In this position there is more place in front of the ladder to position and aim your profile spots in the desired direction.